Monument Portraits

Sample 1

We can create a personalized Monument Portrait for your departed loved one to be permanently affixed on their cemetery marker.

The “Monument Portrait” is about a 3 inch Oval and is cast in White Bronze.

(See example below).

We only need a suitable photo or digital image as instructed below:

  • Printed photos containing the image of the face need to be as close-up as possible – the face should be at least 3x3 inch or bigger.
  • Printed photos can be in color or black/white.
  • Digital photos need to be at least 500 x 500 pixels, where the face fills at least ¾ of the photo. (NO cell phone or iPad use, preferably digital cameras with 5 megapixels or more.
  • Digital photos can be in color or black/white; they should NOT be enhanced (with filters or Photo-shopped).
  • IMPORTANT: It’s best that the face contains NO shadows.
  • The person in the photo may not be covered by anything such as objects, hats, other people in the picture, etc. (glasses are ok, as long as they are clear)
  • After the order is placed, it takes 10-14 days to create the portrait.

You may also consider ordering a Portrait Charm of your loved one.